Whilst there is no cure for cerebral palsy, the associated disabilities can often be managed with treatment. The treatment plan will vary from person to person accordance to the type of CP they have and the severity of the symptoms. A particular treatment may work for one person but not another. It is imperative that each person is assessed individually by a medical specialist or allied health professional so that their specific needs can be identified and addressed over time. 
It is important to also note that the original brain injury that caused the person’s CP cannot be cured. The resulting impairments however, can be managed with various treatments.

The main way to do this is by therapy and using adaptive equipment such as wheelchairs. Again, depending on the nature of the CP, drug therapy and even surgery may help.

The objective of any treatment for people with cerebral palsy is always to maximise independence, control pain, foster self-care and optimise mobility and communication.

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