Here we outline what you can expect as our client. It’s also a benchmark against which we measure and maintain our service to you.

Cerebral Palsy Support Network provides a level of service that respects your rights. Balanced with those rights are your responsibilities. The Victorian Charter of Human Rights guides our work with you.

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We will provide you with services to meet your individual needs

We will ensure that our services are always adapting and improving to meet the needs of the ever-changing disability sector. Our client services will always be backed by skilled and knowledgeable client service staff and account managers ensuring you have the support of a whole team of specialists who will attend to any issue or query quickly and efficiently.

We will provide you with choice

We will ensure that different funding options are available to cater for your needs.

You can select to: hold and manage your funding yourself; use an external Financial Intermediary; or allocate us to manage this for you. You may only require our services from time to time, or have a frequent regular need for our services. The choice is yours.

Part of this commitment is providing a dedicated Account Manager who is available to you to help with any questions regarding your account and our services.

We will respond to you promptly

We will answer your calls promptly during normal business hours and respond to written queries within 24 hrs. We will always do our best to resolve any queries efficiently and if we need more time to solve any issue, we will ensure you are kept up to date until the query is resolved to your satisfaction. If you have visual or hearing disabilities, or you require an interpreter, we will provide the appropriate service to meet your needs.

If you are dissatisfied with our service, or believe we need to apply some improvements, we always appreciate your comments and feedback and will ensure those comments are recorded and considered within our continual service improvement programmes.

Our Conduct

We will ensure we handle your information and data confidentially with due care and in strict accordance with our Privacy Policy.

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