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18 May 2021

Dating with a disability

One of my close friends has cerebral palsy. When she first began online dating in her early 20s, she was uncertain of the etiquette around disclosing her disability to a new guy.

02 December 2020

A neuroscientist and poet not letting cerebral palsy get in her way

Jerusha Mather is gaining some well-earned attention both in the medical community and the literary world. On top of completing a PhD in neuroscience, the 25-year-old has just smashed out her first book of poetry, 'Burnt bones and beautiful butterflies'. The book's title is inspired by Jerusha's lived experience with cerebral palsy. "I based it on a thought that beautiful things come out of challenging circumstances. Hence, the term; burnt bones and beautiful butterflies. Life throws at you negative and positive things, but there is goodness in everything when you find the courage to look deeper. These are the key messages I am trying to convey in my book," she explains.
09 June 2020

Becoming creative during a pandemic

When Elizabeth Hughes and her family first realised that they would have to go into lockdown, they had some understandable concerns about how it would impact their day-to-day lives.
07 May 2020

Lockdown Movie review: Wampler’s Ascent

We recently celebrated the release of the 2013 Documentary Wampler’s Ascent on Amazon Prime. The film documents the story Stephen J Wampler’s harrowing climb up the famous El Capitan Wall of Yosemite National Park, and makes for some compelling lockdown viewing.

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