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Latest news

16 September 2021

Maz proves that it's never too late to pursue your dreams

The Tokyo Paralympics is already regarded as one of the most successful Paralympics to date. It distinguished numerous things, including a shift in public views and conversations about athletes with disabilities. Beyond the traditional celebrations, questions were being raised around the issue of equal pay. 
14 January 2021

Cerebral Palsy - The Next Generation

The CP-Achieve Project is refreshing in its approach towards the CP community. Its objectives are centred on people as they transition from childhood through to adulthood. 

Liam with his new bike
12 November 2020

Liam’s journey to mobility

When Michelle Sexton first embarked on the journey to get her son Liam a bike, she wanted to give him access to something that would empower him to maintain his mobility, while allowing him to have an outlet. She knew that a customised bike while extremely freeing and crucial for Liam’s quality of life, would only become a reality through thoughtful collaboration with providers, therapists, and the assistance of Liam’s Support Coordinator – Mark Boyce.
12 November 2020

The toll of lockdown for the disabled community

I’ve lost track of the conversations that I’ve had with friends, family, and colleagues – where I can see the exhaustion plastered on their faces through a screen, and the conversations echo constant disappointment.  As someone with cerebral palsy, the COVID-19 epidemic created a scenario where I was told I had to work from home. In a pre-COVID world, it had rarely occurred to me to negotiate to work from home, as I was someone accustomed to long and tiring commutes to work. 
06 July 2020

How to create a support dream team

Louise Robbins didn’t want her daughter Eliza to have a life governed by her disability, it was important for Eliza to get the necessary support that she would need while simultaneously getting some independence as a young woman and have experiences that were not defined by her diagnosis. She has developed a comprehensive NDIS plan for her daughter, and over the last five years Louise has created an amazing team of support workers with an allied health background.
05 May 2020

Maintaining essential support in a life of isolation

The COVID-19 virus has created a uniquely challenging experience for us all. When Australia went into lockdown, people with disabilities (like me) were forced to alter their lifestyles even further, particularly with how we access one of our most crucial resources – our support workers.

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