Knowledge is power, and we want to support our members to make sure they have all the knowledge they need to transition onto the NDIS.

CPSN’s pre-planning service is free for CPSN members and is held in small groups so you can get information and advice that is relevant to your or your child’s circumstances and needs.

At pre-planning sessions you will be able to ask any questions that you have about the NDIS and the process of transitioning, get information that is relevant to you and your needs, and together we will look at resources and tools that you may find useful when preparing for your NDIS Planning meeting.
We offer the following pre-planning options:
  • Small group workshops of no more than 6 families organised by CPSN.
  • Small group workshops organised by you, if you know 1 or 2 other families that you would like to do pre-planning with.
Pre-planning sessions will be delivered in a variety of locations to suit you – community venues, a member’s home or the CPSN office. We can also web-conference if you find it difficult to get to one of our venues.
Bookings for Pre-planning open a few months before each region commences their rollout.

Staff had good knowledge of the NDIS process and were able to educate us on how to organise our proposals. This included the use of language and terms to use to explain our needs. The experience and skills these ladies had in their fields helped us to feel comfortable knowing they had an understanding of our situation. There were open discussions and a professional approach. At no time did we feel that we could not discuss our concerns and fears for our loved one needing support.


Preparing for my son's NDIS meeting was a daunting process. Although I felt reasonably organised in regards to my paperwork, the prospect of the actual meeting terrified me. When I received 'the call' and a date for the meeting, panic set in. The following day, completely out of the blue, Jacinta from the CPSN phoned me as she was checking how members in the current rollout area were going with their preparations. It felt like a guardian angel had just dropped out of the sky. She gave me some great advice and offered to come to my meeting. I accepted her offer in a heartbeat. Knowing that I had someone in my corner (the NDIS transition coordinator!) whose priority was ensuring the best outcome for my son, alleviated a huge amount of stress.

The meeting went very well- I felt prepared, calm and above all- supported. I would highly recommend utilising the pre-planning services offered by the CPSN.


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