I'm looking for a support worker

I'm looking for a support worker

Innovative Choices

Innovative Choices empowers you to choose your own support workers who do the work you need, when you need it most.

You will liaise directly with your chosen support worker/s, while we support you by taking care of all the employment obligations.

You'll also be able to accumulate extra funds, known as Flexi-Funds to use towards your program and cover gaps that the NDIS doesn't cover.

To be eligible for Innovative Choices, you must be a CPSN member. Becoming a member is free, easy and comes with a range of other benefits - click here to join.

Choose your own support worker

Innovative Choices allows you to select your own support workers who:

  • Can work the hours YOU need
  • Can provide the type of care YOU are looking for
  • Fit YOUR lifestyle, cultures and beliefs
  • YOU know and trust.

Why Innovative Choices?

We started Innovative Choices nearly twenty years ago, because people with cerebral palsy wanted a program that gave them the power to choose their own support workers. That’s as true now as it was then, which is why Innovative Choices remains one of our most popular services. 

Our heritage is built on supporting people with cerebral palsy, but our expertise now extends into providing services and support to people with similar movement disorders too.

How it works

Whether you already have a support worker in mind, or someone who supports you already in an informal capacity, we work with you to to create your support worker dream team.

The program works best if you have a support worker in mind, but if you don’t that’s okay too. We can support you to find someone in your local community to become your new support worker. 

Then, you choose the days, hours and type of care you need. That means you can be sure you’re getting the support you need and want, and you can work directly with your chosen support worker to coordinate a schedule that works for you. 

Making it easy for you

CPSN employs your chosen support workers on your behalf. That means we take care of all the legal and employment obligations and all the paperwork, and give you support to help with training your support worker and managing their day-to-day duties.

Once you are set up and your support workers are registered with the program, all you need to do is confirm and submit your support workers timesheets each fortnight via our online portal. It’s that easy!

We will pay your support workers and any associated costs and send you or your selected Plan Manager the invoice.


When you’re a part of the Innovative Choices program, you can accumulate extra funds known as flexi-funds – to use towards your program and cover gaps that the NDIS doesn't cover.

It’s your choice

When you sign up to Innovative Choices, you can choose to accumulate flexi-funds. Acquiring flexi-funds is completely optional for participants and their families. You will be asked to make this selection each time you add a new support worker to your home program and this will be reviewed at the end of each financial year (when the rates are updated).

What can I spend my flexi-funds on?

You can use your accumulated flexi-funds on selected CPSN services, as well as a range of external employment related expenses associated with the recruitment, employment and upskilling of your support workers including;

  • expenses related to having a support worker accompany you on holiday (flights, accommodation and meals)
  • certain consumables
  • training and recognition for your support workers

To help, we have a wide range of examples that best reflects successfully using flexi-funds.  

What happens to unused flexi-funds?

Any flexi-funds you accumulate during the financial year must be used either during the financial year or within 6 months afterwards (December 31st). Any unused flexi-funds after this date, or upon cancelling your service agreement, will be absorbed by CPSN.

How will I know how many flexi-funds I have?

CPSN will send you an annual statement which outlines your balance.

Speak to the CP Innovative Choices team to find out more.

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Why choose CPSN?

We understand cerebral palsy. We are different to other disability service providers, because we understand how to support people with cerebral palsy to live a better life.


The first step is finding an environment where you feel you belong. Feeling that you belong gives you confidence, helps improve self-esteem and motivates you to fulfil your life’s ambitions. Without it, little progress is made and life can become harder than it already is. We understand this, and we help you build that sense of belonging. 


With over 20 years of working with individuals and their families living with cerebral palsy, we have always been able to truly understand the needs of our members and build and offer services that meet their specific needs. It’s why our CP Connect model is so unique – because it puts our members first.

It starts by determining what kind of person/ team an individual or their family want to support their them or their child. We understand that your support team is more than just paid support workers – they become a part of your life. 


We make sure that your NDIS plan is more than just a source of funding services. It needs to understand your goals, and know how to best help you to reach them. Our CP Innovative Choices model was created because of a need to focus on better outcomes and increased choice and independence. 

Even if you don’t have a NDIS plan, we know it is difficult to navigate through the system alone. So, we offer NDIS pre-planning to help you get what you need. If you have support co-ordination funding, we will find the best service providers for you – as we understand that no two people have the same needs.

What our members say

"With CP Innovative Choices, we have been able to handpick support workers that we know and trust."
– David

"Just choosing your own support workers has been brilliant for us."
– Angela

"CPIC has given me the confidence and skills to control and manage my own life and care as I need it."
– Gabby

Get started choosing your own support worker

Getting started building your support dream team is easy!

Simply fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch to discuss the program and ensure CP Innovative Choices is right for you.

Or you can send us an email at enquire@cpinnovativechoices.org.au or get in touch with us on 1300 277 600.

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