I need NDIS support coordination

I need NDIS support coordination


Support coordination is designed to link you with the right services and manage the different supports you need to achieve the goals outlined in your NDIS plan.

Support coordination is about connecting you to your community. We start by sourcing and linking you with the right services and supports for your individual needs. This includes personal support services to assist you with daily living, equipment, health and wellbeing, as well as social and recreational programs and more.

Support coordination can also build your capacity to source, coordinate and implement your supports in the long term, giving you greater independence and the ability to actively participate in your community.

What a support coordinator does

When you choose support coordination through CPSN, you will be designated your own support coordinator from our dedicated and passionate team. Your support coordinator is a friend who will guide and support you throughout your NDIS journey.

Your support coordinator will discuss your needs with you and help you to find the right services from a wide range of providers. They can help you coordinate a range of formal and informal supports, and can assist with training you so you can find the right services in the future.

Our support coordinators can also help you address barriers so that you can participate in programs, resolve issues with service delivery, manage multiple services from a range of providers, help to resolve problems and crisis as well as handle the reporting for the NDIA.

In your first NDIS plan your support coordinator can also help you activate your plan, manage your supports and help you prepare for your plan review.

How do I get support coordination included in my NDIS plan?

Support coordination is a fee-paying service which is funded under the NDIS, in addition to your other funded supports. The entire cost of support coordination can be included in your NDIS plan. 

Before heading into your planning meeting, consider if you need to transfer all of your existing supports on to the NDIS, or if you need to find new supports to reach your goals.

To have support coordination included in your plan you will need to show you have a need for this service, and how the aims and outcomes of this service align with your own goals.

During your NDIS planning meeting, talk about the assistance you need to implement your plan. Talk to your planner about the complexity of your goals and whether you need to identify new supports and the assistance you will need for this. Identify which goals are likely to require more support to identify participation options and connect with service providers.

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What our clients say

"CPSN understands Mya’s needs. I couldn’t think of anyone else being Mya’s Support Coordinator."

"Very grateful to have this support, it’s practical and good for the well-being of our family."
- Lynn

"(My support coordinator is) always on call for me and I could not survive the NDIS process without him!"
- Helen

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