CP Innovative Choices is your program. Because you choose your support workers, the hours, locations and type of care you need, the possibilities are endless!

Here are just some of the ways participants are using the program to create the lifestyle they want.

Louise & Eliza

Louise and her daughter Eliza joined the CP Innovative Choices Program in 2016, after Eliza graduated from school. Louise found CP Innovative Choices while looking for a program that gave Eliza choice in her day-to-day activities, rather than joining a one-size-fits-all day program.
The family have found a few university students who work as Eliza’s support workers. These girls share similar interests with Eliza, and when they go out together they are just a couple of 19-year-old girls hanging out. The students are also excellent mentors for Eliza who is keen to continue her studies.
Currently Eliza uses CP Innovative Choices two days a week, and uses this time to engage in activities that she’s interested in. This includes going swimming, bike riding, heading into the city to go shopping, heading out for lunch as well as catching a show or checking out attractions like the aquarium or zoo.
Louise and Eliza are planning to connect with friends who are also using the CP Innovative Choices program, to create their own daily social and study group. Eliza and her friends will have a structured, fortnightly program they control, which focuses on activities they all enjoy, as well as educational areas they would all like to develop.

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