CP Innovative Choices gives you the platform to engage support workers you know and trust or to select someone who will fit your lifestyle.

You can choose the days, hours and type of care they work, knowing you are getting the type of support you need and you can liaise directly with them to coordinate your schedule. Learn more.
CPSN employs your chosen support workers on your behalf. We take care of all of the employment obligations to ensure your support workers are properly employed, and we provide you with the information and training you need to manage their day-to-day duties and performance.
Managing your home care program is easy through CP Innovative Choices. You will need to apply to use the program and once approved, you will receive all of the information you need to get started, and to engage new support workers.
CP Innovative Choices works best if you have a support worker in mind, however we can also support you to find new support workers through your local community.
Once you are set up and your support workers are registered with the program, all you need to do is confirm and submit your support workers timesheets each fortnight. It’s that easy!
We will pay your support workers and any associated costs and send you or your selected Plan Manager the invoice.

What our members are saying about the program

With CP Innovative Choices, we have been able to handpick support workers that we know and trust.


Just choosing your own support workers has been brilliant for us.


CPIC has given me the confidence and skills to control and manage my own life and care as I need it.


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