When you’re a part of the Innovative Choices program, you can accumulate extra funds known as flexi-funds and are calculated based on the Support Worker pay rate you have chosen. Flexi-funds are used towards your program and cover gaps that the NDIS doesn't cover.

It’s your choice

When you sign up to Innovative Choices, you can choose to accumulate flexi-funds. Acquiring flexi-funds is completely optional for participants and their families. You will be asked to make this selection each time you add a new support worker to your home program and this will be reviewed at the end of each financial year (when the rates are updated).

What can I spend my flexi-funds on?

You can use your accumulated flexi-funds on CPSN services, or additional costs incurred in the support of the participant. It covers a range of external employment related expenses associated with the recruitment, employment and upskilling of your support workers. For example you can use your flexi-funds on the following;

  • assistive technology
  • expenses related to having a support worker accompany you on holiday (flights, accommodation and meals)
  • certain consumables
  • additional support worker hours
  • training and recognition for your support workers.

To help, we have a wide range of examples that best reflects successfully using flexi-funds.  

What happens to unused flexi-funds?

Any flexi-funds you accumulate during the financial year must be used either during the financial year or within 6 months afterwards (December 31st). Any unused flexi-funds after this date, or upon cancelling your service agreement, will be absorbed by CPSN.

How will I know how many flexi-funds I have?

CPSN will send you an monthly statement which outlines your balance.

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