CP Innovative Choices is a program that empowers you to recruit and manage your own support workers who do the work you need when you need.

You liaise directly with your chosen support worker whilst CPSN supports you with all the employment obligations. You must be a CPSN member to be eligible for the program. Becoming a CPSN member is free and easy, click here to join.

CP Innovative Choices empowers you to select support workers:

You know and trust

Who can work the hours you need

Who can provide the type of care needed

Who fit your lifestyle, cultures and beliefs

20 years

Nearly twenty years ago our members came to us looking for a program that gave them this choice, so we developed CP Innovative Choices.
These needs are still relevant today, which is why CP Innovative Choices is so popular.
You may already have someone in mind to be a support worker.
It could be someone who already supports you or your family informally such as a relative, a family friend, neighbour… the list goes on.
Through CP Innovative Choices we can employ your choice of support worker, take care of all of the paperwork, legal and employment obligations and get you the supports you need to live the life style you want.
CP Innovative Choices works for any type of funding including the NDIS, DHHS or Funds In Court, as well as for those who wish to self-fund. CP Innovative Choices is the original program for choosing your support workers, and we have nearly two decades of experience to support you.
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