By using the CP Innovative Choices program you can accumulate extra funds, known as Excess, to use towards your home program.

What is Excess?
CPSN only charges the applicable NDIS or DHHS unit rate for your hours of support. From this hourly rate we pay your support workers’ fortnightly wages, all oncosts associated with your worker’s employment and cover our admin fees for providing the CP Innovative Choices service.
When you sign up to CP Innovative Choices, you can choose to accumulate Excess. You can also choose not to accumulate Excess, in this case you can pay your support worker above the standard rate.
Excess is unique to the CPSN and is one of the benefits of using the program. Any excess you accumulate is held by CPSN. You can then use this to purchase additional goods or services that may not otherwise be available. This can include enhanced (additional) support worker training, hours of care in an emergency and any employment related costs.
How does it work?
When you start using CP Innovative Choices you choose the option of accumulating excess or not. If you select the Excess option, you will acquire an amount of excess dollars for every hour of care you use.
You can select the Excess option for all of your support workers, or, you may choose to acquire access for some and not others.
What can I buy with my Excess?
You can use your accumulated Excess on selected CPSN services, as well as a range of external employment related expenses associated with the recruitment, employment and upskilling of your support workers. Speak to the CP Innovative Choices team to find out more.
What if I don’t want to use this option?
Acquiring Excess is completely optional for participants and their families. You can choose to acquire Excess or not. You will be asked to make this selection each time you add a new support worker to your home program and this will be reviewed at the end of each financial year (when the rates are updated).
What happens to unused Excess?
Any Excess you grow during the financial year must be used either during the financial year or by 6 months afterwards (December 31st). Any unused Excess after this date, or upon cancelling your service agreement, will be absorbed by CPSN.
Excess that is absorbed by CPSN is used to provide members with other free services that are not funded such as the Care Centre, Carer Activities and NDIS transition support.
How will I know how much Excess I have?
CPSN will send you a statement each quarter, outlining your Excess balance.

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