Become a support worker with CPSN

Become a support worker with CPSN

Empowering lives in the Innovative Choices Program

Looking for a career that makes a difference in someone's life?


CPSN makes it easy to be a support worker

You are employed by CPSN. We have some great employee benefits, such as flexible working provisions, and a health & wellbeing program tailored to your needs.
We take care
We are a passionate and innovative team. You will get to work in a dynamic environment.
Female support coordinator on desktop computer and headset
We provide on-going training. You will have learning opportunities to develop your skills and learn about new areas of interest. 
Fostering a wonderful working relationship - Support Coordinator
We have got you covered. You will be supported by your Client Liaison Coordinator and our People & Culture team.
NDIS planning with a person with disability
Develop a meaningful working relationship with your participant(s). You will usually work with the same people to help achieve quality outcomes for your participant(s).
Two young male adults both on bicycle, one with cerebral palsy.
A career that makes a difference in someone's life. You will play a meaningful role in empowering people to achieve their goals. 


How to become a support worker

Apply for one of our support worker positions

Check out our latest vacancies on Apply to be a Support Worker in the available area(s). You’ll need to upload a CV and tell us a bit about yourself.  

Connect with our service delivery and people & culture teams 

We will work with you to understand your skills, availability and location. From here, we will progress your employment with CPSN if you’re successful. 

Meet your participant(s)

You might meet your participant(s) before or after successfully securing a job with CPSN. This helps set up your relationship for success and gives our participants choice and control over their services. 

Want to make a difference in someone's life? You've come to the right place.


"With Innovative Choices, we have been able to handpick support workers that we know and trust."



"Just choosing your own support workers has been brilliant for us."



"Innovative Choices has given me the confidence and skills to control and manage my own life and care as I need it."



"Flexibility to employ people that know the participant, where you know them and you feel comfortable to develop a relationship. That’s incredible that flexibility, and the tremendous support that’s always there. It’s just a phone call away."


Support workers - Innovative Choices

"I am inspired by the beautiful Elizabeth, and the magical friendship we share together. She is a light that keeps shining in my life. Thank you to CPSN for connecting us both."


Support workers - Innovative Choices

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