About us

Our Purpose, Principle and Values

Our Purpose

In partnership with our members, we share knowledge, create connections and provide support.

Our Principles

We are a community of members that puts inclusion and self-determination at the forefront of everything we do. We build capacity in ourselves and others. We are bold and curious, we navigate challenges and discover solutions that achieve change.

Our Values

Our values are integrity, respect, responsiveness, accountability and courage.

Learn more about our 2020-2024 Strategy.
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Our board

The Board of CPSN bring together a diverse range of personal and professional experience.

Together, they are committed to governing the practices of our organisation and helping to shape our strategic direction.

All Board members volunteer their time and professional expertise.

Our Leaders

CPSN is driven by an energetic, positive and devoted team, who are committed to supporting parents and carers, as well as upholding and promoting the rights of individuals with cerebral palsy.

At the head of our organisation is the Senior Leadership Team who drive the delivery of our strategic plan as well as uphold our customer charter.


Annual reports

Annual reports

Our partners

CPSN works and collaborates with many organisations to share knowledge and promote the interests and needs of parents, carers and individuals with cerebral palsy.

We are thankful to those organisations and companies who support us both financially and with their expertise, knowledge and services.

If you would like to support CPSN or collaborate to support our members we would love to hear from you.

Please submit an enquiry here.

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