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Carer Information

Wellbeing for Parents and Carers pdf icon 1.59 MB


Energy information fund - Carers Victoria pdf icon 830.45 KB


Housing Choices Brochure pdf icon 725.49 KB

Housing Choices Mixed Equity Brochure pdf icon 714.9 KB

Housing Options - Shared Supported Accommodation pdf icon 158.47 KB

Housing Options Unlocked pdf icon 341.52 KB

List of Housing Agencies pdf icon 24.09 KB

Supported Residential Services

Advocacy Services

Aged Care Advocacy pdf icon 14.2 KB

Association for Children with Disability pdf icon 893.04 KB

Disability Services Commissioner Brochure pdf icon 849.02 KB

OPA Brochure pdf icon 837.1 KB

STAR pdf icon 87.69 KB

YDAS Information Pack pdf icon 2 MB

CP Information

AFRM position statement on use of stem cells as therapy for CP pdf icon 98.83 KB

Cerebral Palsy Booklet pdf icon 367.85 KB

Cerebral Palsy Register Registration Form - Person with CP pdf icon 159.71 KB

Consent on Inclusion to CP Register pdf icon 96.71 KB

CP Register pdf icon 170.58 KB

Developmental Delay Booklet pdf icon 181.78 KB

Saliva Booklet pdf icon 1.61 MB

Social and Sexual Relationships of Young Adults with CP pdf icon 5.15 MB

Early Intervention and Children’s Services

Better Start Brochure pdf icon 664.94 KB

Dogs for Kids with Disabilities pdf icon 184.76 KB

Early Childhood Intervention Services pdf icon 245.41 KB

Early Childhood Intervention Services

Kindergarten Inclusion Tip Sheets pdf icon 6.85 MB

SET Brochure pdf icon 384.06 KB

Early Intervention Centres

Early Intervention Centre Eastern Region - CPEC pdf icon 36.28 KB

Early Intervention Centre Northern Region - Kalparrin pdf icon 201.3 KB


Become a Leader

Energy Conservation - Work simplification techniques pdf icon 96.32 KB

Held Back - Students with Disabilities pdf icon 1.2 MB

Inclusion Activities pdf icon 92.46 KB

My Learning Matters

Parent Checklist - Deciding on a School for Your Child pdf icon 149.51 KB

Parent Guide to Inclusive Eduction pdf icon 5.9 MB

Program for students with disabilities guide 2014 pdf icon 563.8 KB

Special schools southern and eastern pdf icon 188.71 KB

VCE and VCAL handbook 2013 pdf icon 1.19 MB

Victorian essential learning guidelines pdf icon 577.86 KB

Victorian independent schools students with disabilities handbook 2014 pdf icon 389.81 KB

Educational Technology

Dragon Naturally Speaking Voice Recognition Program pdf icon 85.16 KB

iPhone and iPod touch applications for special education pdf icon 1.96 MB

Read and write gold pdf icon 125.56 KB

Weally wonderful websites pdf icon 3.51 MB

Transition to Adult Services

Day Services Guidelines pdf icon 438.06 KB

Effective Transition Planning pdf icon 164.45 KB

Pathways Services Guide 2011 - 2012 pdf icon 1.29 MB

Post School Transition Information Sheet 2013 pdf icon 186.82 KB

What are day services? pdf icon 98.52 KB

Transition to Primary School

Sharing our journey kit pdf icon 910.85 KB

Sharing our journey protocol pdf icon 281.21 KB


Disability Employment Australia pdf icon 32.89 KB

Supporting your employment flyer pdf icon 384.28 KB

Information for Employers

Are People with Disability Risk at Work Review 2007 pdf icon 832.12 KB

Employers Guide Web Ready pdf icon 938.14 KB

Opportunity Low Resolution pdf icon 1.67 MB

Outside the Box 2012 pdf icon 3.1 MB

Transition to Adult Services

Exploring the Possibilites pdf icon 414.27 KB


Aids & Equipment Guidelines pdf icon 317.95 KB

Com Tech - Communication and Techonology pdf icon 123.97 KB

Equipment Recycling Network pdf icon 36.33 KB

Independent living centre australia - product search assistive technology pdf icon 107.3 KB

Solve disability solutions (previously TADVIC) pdf icon 835.68 KB

State wide equipment program (SWEP) pdf icon 182.04 KB

Yooralla independent living centre pdf icon 167.25 KB

Families, Carers and Family Support

Local government support pdf icon 182.77 KB

Make a Wish pdf icon 2.53 MB

Carer Information

Access to Disability Services Sheets pdf icon 82.22 KB

Carers Victoria - Counselling Brochure pdf icon 417.79 KB

Dealing with Difference pdf icon 43.57 KB

DHS Standards Guide pdf icon 1.2 MB

Disability ACT Access Implementation pdf icon 355.54 KB

Feelings pdf icon 283.43 KB

Health Care and Medications pdf icon 255.68 KB

Helps for Carers - Info for Older Carers pdf icon 1.25 MB

Legal Arrangements pdf icon 299.73 KB

Loss and Grief Fact Sheet pdf icon 649.33 KB

Managing Money Carers Fact Sheet pdf icon 280.45 KB

Safety at home pdf icon 286.52 KB

Services for you pdf icon 133.65 KB

Taking a break pdf icon 284.53 KB

Taking care of yourself pdf icon 242.65 KB

Writing for healing and health pdf icon 32.63 KB

Funding Supports

Flexible Support Packages pdf icon 183.91 KB

Key Regional Contacts

KRC - Barwon south west pdf icon 106.29 KB

KRC - Eastern pdf icon 109.01 KB

KRC - Gippsland pdf icon 105.1 KB

KRC - Grampians pdf icon 105.37 KB

KRC - Hume pdf icon 106.75 KB

KRC - Loddon Mallee pdf icon 107.98 KB

KRC - Northern pdf icon 106.26 KB

KRC - Southern pdf icon 115.92 KB

KRC - Western pdf icon 105.98 KB


Helping You and Your Family pdf icon 300.17 KB

Parent to Parent Book pdf icon 5.67 MB

There's no such thing as a silly question pdf icon 730.48 KB

Through the maze support 2013 pdf icon 2.89 MB

Financial Assistance

Centre Link

Guide to Australian Government Payments 2013 pdf icon 849 KB

Special disability trusts - getting things sorted pdf icon 132.35 KB

Special disability trusts update pdf icon 204.42 KB

Victorian State concessions 2010 - 2001 pdf icon 2.23 MB


Allied Health Rebate pdf icon 65.59 KB

Application Form for Victorian Carer Card pdf icon 260.8 KB

CAPS Application Form pdf icon 288.31 KB

CAPS Application Guidelines pdf icon 427.46 KB

Carer Card Application pdf icon 254.26 KB

Companion Card Application pdf icon 2.06 MB

Companion Card Handbook pdf icon 814.27 KB

Medical Cooling Concession Application Form pdf icon 121.9 KB

Medical Cooling Concession Brochure pdf icon 184.11 KB

Municipal Rates & Chareges Concession Application 2010 - 2011 pdf icon 121.38 KB

Non Mains Winter Energy concession application pdf icon 123.17 KB

Remote Area Allowance pdf icon 180.83 KB

Utility Relief Grant Scheme Guidelines pdf icon 158.08 KB

Water & Sewerage Application pdf icon 128.31 KB

Funding Supports

DHS Intake & Response Service pdf icon 178.48 KB

Disability Support Register Guidelines pdf icon 1020.9 KB

DSR Help Guide pdf icon 200.95 KB

DSR Info Sheet Allocation of Ongoing Disability Support pdf icon 197.18 KB

Flexible Suppport Packages pdf icon 183.91 KB

Home & Community Care Reponse Service Guidelines 2013 pdf icon 83.99 KB

Home & Community Care Response Servivce Guidelines 2013 pdf icon 83.99 KB

Individual Support Package Guidelines pdf icon 524.4 KB

Tips Writing DSR Application pdf icon 157.09 KB

Philanthropic Organisations

John Mclean Foundation Grant Application Kit pdf icon 468.61 KB

Variety Club Application pdf icon 1.95 MB

Getting Around

Access Adelaide Guide pdf icon 603.81 KB

Access Travel Pass Application Form 2013 pdf icon 205.82 KB

Accessibility Checklist - A Self Assessment Tool pdf icon 381.47 KB

Accessing Melbourne - Visitors Guide pdf icon 3.44 MB

Changing Places - Transforming Lives pdf icon 9.17 MB

Flying Tips pdf icon 160.73 KB

Guide Occupational Therapy Driving Assessment Brochure pdf icon 243.13 KB

Link Community Transport pdf icon 1.09 MB

Multi Purpose Taxi Program Application pdf icon 152.72 KB

MYKI Information for People with a Disability Brochure pdf icon 529.91 KB

Travelers' Aid Service pdf icon 250.02 KB

Victorian Patient Transport Assistance Scheme pdf icon 1.54 MB

Victorian Taxi Directorate (M40) Member Application Form pdf icon 280.43 KB

Mobility Maps

Brisbane City Mobility Map pdf icon 236.81 KB

Brisbane Mobility Map Mall Gardens pdf icon 236.81 KB

Eating Out with Wheels - Vic Country & Towns 2014 Guide pdf icon 4 MB

Hobart Mobility Map pdf icon 707.47 KB

Melbourne CBD Mobility Map 2008 pdf icon 2.72 MB

Melbourne Docklands Mobility Map 2008 pdf icon 3.42 MB

Melbourne Mobility Map Entertainment & Sporting 2008 pdf icon 2.92 MB

Sydney Access Map pdf icon 1.53 MB

Home & Vehicle Modifications

Archicentre pdf icon 85.41 KB

Builder specialising in home modifications pdf icon 157.79 KB

Car Restraint Info Sheet pdf icon 397.97 KB

Older & Disabled Persons Safety Tips In Housing pdf icon 29.86 KB

Safe & Sound pdf icon 653.12 KB

Vehicle Conversion Contact Details - VIC pdf icon 52.4 KB

Vehicle Modification Subsidy Scheme pdf icon 1.23 MB

Vehicle Tax Exemption Application pdf icon 81.19 KB

Legal Services

Consent to pdf icon 132.97 KB

Consent to Medical Treatment pdf icon 132.97 KB

Disability Discrimination Legal Service pdf icon 103.25 KB

Enduring Power of Attorney (Financial) 2012 pdf icon 177.19 KB

Enduring Power of Attorney (Medical Treatment) 2012 pdf icon 182.87 KB

Guardianship FACT 2012 pdf icon 179.52 KB

Legal Aid pdf icon 141.13 KB

Take Control - A kit for making powers of attorney and guardianship 2012 pdf icon 769.1 KB

Villa Manta Legal Service pdf icon 487.95 KB


Aboriginal & Kinship Care Service Providers pdf icon 113.52 KB

Commonwealth Carer Respite Centre Directory pdf icon 175.2 KB

DHS Intake & Response Service pdf icon 178.48 KB

Finding Respite pdf icon 278.25 KB

Kinship Care Providers pdf icon 185.74 KB

Specific Social Groups

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Intersec & Transgender pdf icon 79.09 KB

Indigenous Organisations & Programs pdf icon 194.67 KB

Migrant & Refugee Supports pdf icon 128.85 KB

Indigenous Organisations and Programs

Aboriginals with Disabilities pdf icon 90.53 KB

Treatments for CP

Medical Services pdf icon 239.12 KB

Non Conventional Therapies pdf icon 211.01 KB

Allied Health

Allied Health Treatments pdf icon 235.17 KB

Better Access to Mental Health Care pdf icon 1.58 MB

Counselling Services pdf icon 303.21 KB

Dental Care pdf icon 186.17 KB

Orthotics pdf icon 137.3 KB