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Our resources section contains information on a wide range of topics. These are available as either links to external websites or brochures.

Once you have logged in as a member, you will be able to search on topics or keywords relating to your enquiry. When searching, please enter one or more complete words and not acronyms.


Brochures on a wide variety of topics are available for download in this section. As well as additional information on CP, there is a range of printed support for families and carers.

For people seeking additional information, this section contains an extensive list of links to other websites. It includes links to education, advocacy, funding, respite and more.

CPSN policies focus on many areas such as equal opportunity, complaints, privacy, recruitment and others. These are all available for reading and downloading in this section.

Video recordings of CPSN seminars and webinars will often be made available to our members after the event. They will be edited according to the different topics covered.

For additional reading, visit this archive for articles and reports on a variety of topics relating to CP or disability in general.

This section provides documents that help families to run their CPIC home program including the engagement of support workers.

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