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Support Coordination


What is Support Coordination and how does it benefit me?

Support Coordination is about linking you with the right services. CPSN has a team of Support Coordinators who will discuss your needs and help you to find the right services from a wide range of providers.

Our Support Coordinators can help you coordinate a range of formal and informal supports and can also help assist with training so that you can find the right supports in the future. They can help you address barriers so that you can participate in programs, resolve issues with service delivery, manage multiple supports from a range of provides, help to resolve issues and crisis as well as handle the reporting for the NDIA.

Within your first NDIS plan The Support Coordinator can also help you activate your plan, manage your supports and help you prepare for your plan review.


Specialist Support Coordination

Specialist Support Coordination is an extension of Support Coordination and may be appropriate if your plan or environment are complex. It is designed to address barriers and reduce any complex issues for an individual’s supports, so that you can be linked to services within your community.

This type of support is for exceptional circumstances. To have Specialist Support Coordination included in your plan there must be clear goals and benefits that can be met.


What are the aims and outcomes for me?

Support Coordination is about connecting you to your community. Initially this is achieved by linking you with the services and supports that you need here and now.

Once you have found these supports it is about building capacity so that you can source and manage your supports in the long run, giving you greater independence.


How does it work with my NDIS plan?

Support Coordination is a fee paying service which is funded under the NDIS. To have Support Coordination included in your plan you will need to show your need for this service, and how the aims and outcomes align with your own goals.

Once you have Support Coordination included in your plan, contact the CPSN’s Support Coordinator on 1300 277 600. If you need assistance with including this in your plan, please also contact the CPSN on this number.