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support charity cerebral palsy shopnateShopnate is a great new service that lets you do your online shopping AND support your favourite charity at the same time.

The premise is simple. Every time you shop online at one of hundreds of participating stores listed with Shopnate, a percentage of your total purchase will be donated to CPSN - at

Guilt-free shopping!

How do you set it up?

Set-up is 3 simple steps.

1) Install the app/browser extension by clicking here.

2) Click on the big red button: 'Install Easy Fundraiser'.

3) Set up your own login & password.

That's it.


How do you know which online shops will donate to CPSN?

That's just as easy.

If you're Google searching for a particular item, eg. books, then you'll see a blue banner above the website that donates to us.

shopnate charity shopping cerebral palsy


Alternatively, if you go directly to a shopping site, those that will donate to CPSN through Shopnate will have a similar blue banner at the top of their home page.

support charity shopping cerebral palsy shopnate


All you need to do then is ensure you log in via the blue banner before shopping at that store.

It's that easy to support the CPSN.