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Cerebral Palsy Innovative Choices (CPIC)


What is CP Innovative Choices?

CP Innovative Choices is a program that gives you choice and control in managing your own care.

You choose your support workers, the hours they work and the type of support that they provide. The CPSN takes care of all of the employer obligations and provides you with support to manage your own home program.

CP Innovative Choices is a culturally safe program that empowers you to recruit support workers who suit your lifestyle and fit your values.  


What does the program involve and how do I join?

To find out more about the CP Innovative Choices program and to sign up, please head to


CPIC Cerebral Palsy Innovative Choices

Interested in joining?

Visit the CPIC website



CPIC brochure

CPIC brochure - Easy English


NDIS resources

CPIC - NDIS Planning Tool