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Associated challenges

The challenges associated with cerebral palsy will vary depending on how the person is affected. There are many parts of the body that can be impacted and a person can have a combination of a number symptoms. It should be noted that many people with cerebral palsy can and do in fact live independent lives with careful management.

Mobility is invariably affected for people with cerebral palsy and there are a number of associated challenges that may be present. The main ones are listed below.



Epilepsy can affect many people with cerebral palsy. Whilst the exact figure can vary, it does seem to be more prevalent in those also with an intellectual disability. The seizures associated with epilepsy can further impact speech and their physical abilities.



The degree of vision impairment for a person may be linked to the severity of their cerebral palsy. Visual impairment can also be quite common with more severe cases of CP.



Cerebral palsy is a muscular disorder and therefore can affect muscles anywhere in the body. This includes those around the mouth and tongue that are required for speech. The degree to which speech is affected will vary between individuals.



Affected hearing can occur in people with cerebral palsy and a very small percentage may be deaf.


Intellect & Learning

Some form of an intellectual disability is quite common in a large number of people with CP.


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